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Turn your creativity into profits...

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Hi Fellow Creative

Writers approach me every week, sending me messages that they "want to write." That desire is important. Here's why: if you want to write, you can. Your desire shows that it's possible for you.

However, your desire to write is only part of it.

Many writers write as a hobby. It's fun, and fulfilling. However, if you want to sell, you need to develop a professional mindset, and put all the puzzle pieces into place, so that you can do that.

You want to sell what you write

As I point out in my writing journal, when you're selling your writing, you're running a business. That's hard for many (most) writers, because they don't have business experience, and business can seem scary.

I’ve offered Team Up coaching for writers several times a year for the past few years. It's a fun program for writers, and for me.

A few months ago, I started testing another coaching program, Your Creative Business Coaching -- this program coaches you in all the elements of selling your writing. I based it on Team Up, because it's Team Up for writers and all creatives who want to SELL.

It’s for you, if you want to make a good living from your writing.

Your Creative Business: Coaching to Turn Your Creativity into Profits

Turn your creativity into profits...
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Find a hungry market: coaching to target the people who want your words, and so you don't need to "sell”. A hard sell isn’t necessary;
Set up your website to SELL: ecommerce can be simple. Coaching to choose the right payment processor and delivery service, and get it set up on your website;
Build a mailing list: we'll create a mailing list, to help you to sell more, with every new product you write;
Promote, and have fun: coaching to find the promotional methods you'll LOVE to use. We'll set up a promotions' schedule;
Product planning. Coaching to help you to create a publication schedule, and keep on track;
Product pricing: coaching on pricing to sell;
Kindle and beyond, for Kindle publishers. Kindle publishing is amazing, but it can turn you into a sitting duck for Amazon’s changes. Get coaching on how to sell more, by going beyond Kindle.

Relax, and sell: step by step, whether you're a newbie, or a pro

In Your Creative Business: Coaching to Turn Your Creativity into Profits, we start where you are.

* If you're already selling on Amazon, or elsewhere, we put the pieces into place which will help you to develop a tribe of enthusiastic fans of your writing. We look at ebook launches, and how to make sure that you sell as soon as you upload a new ebook.

* If you're completely new, and haven't yet created your first product, we'll map out a publication schedule for you, and will put the pieces into place so that you're running a real business from your first publication day.

* If you're selling, but not as much as you'd like, we look at what you're doing, and at the pieces of your business puzzle that you're missing... and we'll put them into place.

Coaching is practical and comprehensive. If you're wondering: "how long is coaching?" The answer's simple: until you're achieving your goals for your creative business.

Make the most of your creative business, once you know how….

“I’ve been on Amazon for months, with just a sale or two under a new pen name. Angela helped me to get my new website set up, and even wrote a couple of pages for me. THANK YOU. Angela quite literally drew a diagram for me, and showed me how it all works. I’ve now got a sales funnel, and a publishing schedule. Am I making money? YES. Angela showed me how to extend my publications, so the ebooks on Amazon are just promotions for my real publishing business.” Andrew B. USA
“I wanted to create a mommy blog, and sell on it. However, Angela showed me how to establish a website which focuses on sales. Blogging will be part of what I do, but the sales come first. Julia helped me to get the site up, on Squarespace. Angela and Julia make everything easier and more fun. Any questions I have are answered — I can do this. Thank you, so much.” Lisa W. UK

Get motivated, and take charge of your business, as this student did…

The newest client and the pending ones are ALL thanks to this coaching, without which I would not have reached out and made these contacts. You guys have made a real difference in my outlook, optimism, enthusiasm, professional image, income and opportunities - not kidding.

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